Perl programming course

Our range of Perl programming courses are aimed either at complete beginners, which little to no previous programming experience. Or IT professionals who already know at least one programming language to a competent level.

Free Perl course for local schools and colleges

This unique opertunity for students ages 13-19 is a beginners introducion to programming and Perl. If you work at a school in the Bristol area and are interested in us running the course, please contact us for an information pack.

School course follow on

Designed as a follow on from the Free Perl course for schools. Only students who have attended the free course and shown an appropriate skill level will be allowed to take this discounted course. The course is ran outside of the school environment, so there are no restrictions on machine access. It aims to build upon and extend the skills learned on the free course. Including CGI programming for the Web, and tasters of other Perl goodies.

Introduction to Perl programming for beginners

This short 1 day course will give you a taster of programming, giving you the basic knowledge and skills you need to make simple programs. Ideal for people who want to give programming a try and see if it's for them.

Perl programming for beginners

If you are totally new to programming we recommend that you first attend our short 1 day course described above. The course material is the same as that for Perl Programming for professionals, but at a slower pace. Filling in programming concepts that beginners are likely unfamilar with.

Perl programming for professionals

Designed for IT professionals who are already programmers in another language. This faster paced course should get you up to speed with Perl's syntax and features.